TechnoMarine’s Paarden Eiland Workshop

Woodward Governor on Test

Woodward Governor on one of our Test Benches

With our test stand we are able to calibrate all mechanical governors and electronic actuators. 

We also have the adaption bracket for a number of other applications, RHD6MC Zexel or MTU.

1. Common Rail Fuel

Common Rail Fuel Injection System Test Bench

Our common rail fuel injection system testbench allows us set up and calibrate common rail fuel system components to ensure that manufacturers requirements are met.


Diesel Test Bench

Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench  

We have a diesel test bench fitted with a 15HP motor to handle larger plungers as in found in marine fuel injection pumps. This bench is used for the testing of Deutz, and other pumps with a plunger up to 19mm. This bench is equipped with a standard glass metering system as we prefer this option for the marine requirement.

Reconditioning of Fuel Components

Reconditioning of Fuel Injection Components

We service all makes of Woodward, Europa, Zexel, Heinzmann and Bosch governors - of both the  mechanical and electronic variety. 

[SG : PSG : UA : UG : PG : PGA : PG-EG : EG : EGB] 

Image: Lapping of injector and inner plates taking place on our LAPMASTER 25 lapping machine. This allows for the reconditioning of marine fuel components to precise tolerances.  

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